Son of Stone

Original Art

As with any comic book that has been produced, some of the original art pages can be acquired, usually for a few hundred dollars. I have been lucky enough to be able to purchase an original cover painting, which, to me, is much better than any inked interior pages. The painting is the cover for TUROK #15.It's one of the better looking covers, painted in the '50s. The person I got it from told me he got it when Dell Comics was selling out to Gold Key, and a lot of the wonderful cover art paintings were given away. I feel very lucky to be the owner of this wonderful piece of art.

Me with the cover painting to Turok #15

Here is a scan of page 6 from TUROK #100
as it was offered for bid on eBay in June of 1999. The art is by Alberto Giolitti, and has Turok and Andar fighting off a band of cavemen with a fire. These pages are always bigger than the final printed size so that the art looks better in reduction. The page is done in pencil, then inked in black. The color is applied in a separate process, so the original art stays black and white. This is a wonderful example of Mr. Giolitti's great artwork.

Here is the art for another Turok cover,TUROK #51. The comic was published by Gold Key in 1966. This one has been taken out of it's frame so you can see the registration marks and corner guides indicating where the cut line should be. As with the other painting, their is no signature to tell us who the artist was (and anyone with that kind of information is encouraged to email me). This one was up for bid on eBay in November of 1999, and there was no buyer.