Son of Stone

Issue Number 130

November 1980

The cover says "The Last Arrow!" It's also the last issue. In "The Story Teller," Turok and Andar overhear an old man telling tales to some children. The subject; Turok and Andar! He also mentions that he knows a way out of Lost Valley, so, at night, Andar sneaks into the camp of the cavemen and abducts the old man. If they cannot find the exit soon, the cave dwellers will hunt them down and kill them so that their powerful medicine will be transferred. In the second story, "4 Arrows To Death," Andar loses his poison arrows when he falls into a river. Before they can cross the river, they must go back to the poison arrow patch and make some more. With all of the dangers in Lost Valley, will 4 arrows be enough to keep them safe? The last story is called "The River Raiders," and is a reprint fromTUROK #41.