Son of Stone

Issue Number 98

August 1975

This issue's cover comes from TUROK #58, with some drastic changes. The aliens and their spaceship are missing, and the plesiosaur doesn't hold anything in it's mouth. The sky is a completely different color, and there is a caveman tied to a log in the new version. The first story is "Where Honkers Fear To Go," Turok and Andar retreat from a herd of horned honkers to an area of strange plants. The beasts do not follow, but the two Indians soon find they must escape an even greater menace. Then, in "Mortal Enemies," they save the life of a caveman who is tied to a log by his tribe and sent to die on a river. He decides to stay close to the two braves, and becomes a nuisance while they search for a way out of Lost Valley.