Son of Stone

Issue Number 97

July 1975

The cover this time is taken from Turok #31 with a few modifications. The interior art, although done by Alberto Giolitti, looks rushed or unfinished, and I suspect it was inked by someone else. The first story, "When A Star Falls," begins as honkers become frightened by a falling star and start acting wildly. The meteor crashes into Lost Valley, and somehow it influences honker eggs to mutate. Two headed flesh eaters start to hatch from the nests. Turok tries to kill the two headed monsters before they can mature, but at least one of them manages to mature, and it comes to threaten them as they search for the exit to Lost Valley. Then, in "Back From The Dead," Turok and Andar try to save a cave man from a charging styracosaur, but it crushes him in it's death throes. His tribe binds his body in a tree according to their death rites, but he later rises, scaring Andar and taking a burning brand from their fire. He starts to set the grasses afire, and Turok realizes he must get the fire brand away from the living dead man before he sets the whole jungle ablaze.