Son of Stone

Issue Number 84

May 1973

This issue marks the introduction of a new character in the adventures of Turok and Andar: a Tolnac warrior called Hutec. "The Warriors" is a two part story in which the two plains Indians meet a tribe of pyramid building Indians. In part one, "A Bride For Turok," Turok and Andar are struck with paralyzing darts and carried to a hidden walled city. When they recover, one of their captors, Hutec, tells them the story of how his people came to the valley. Then they meet others of the tribe, including Kri, the last surviving woman. In part two, "Attack!" Turok fights and defeats one of Kri's jealous suitors. The chief decrees that Kri shall marry Turok, and neither one objects, but Andar is upset believing that this means giving up on finding a way out of Lost Valley. Turok and some other warriors go out of the city to hunt, but on returning, the entrance to the city is broken into by a herd of triceratops, and the walls collapse, exposing everyone to the honkers outside. Turok and Andar kill as many honkers as they can, but eventually run out of poison arrows. In the end, the lone survivor of the Tolnacs is Hutec. Together, the three set out to find a way out of Lost Valley.