Son of Stone

Issue Number 83

March 1973

Turok and Andar must find a way to survive "The Sands Of Death" while looking for an escape from Lost Valley. In part one, "Little Men, Big Foe," Andar sees what he thinks is an opening in the cliff wall while they travel across a barren desert. They travel in the direction of the cliffs, and meet a tribe of pygmies. The small people tell them what they want to hear; that there is an opening in the barrier. But in reality they want them to die of exposure in the desert, to claim their weapons and flint stones. In part two, "Dark Passage," one of the pygmies befriends the two Indians, and tells them of his clansmen's scheme. He helps them find water and guides them toward the cliff wall. Yet, nature seems to turn against them, as a great whirlwind approaches them. Now they are trapped between nature's ferocity and the malicious cave pygmies.