Son of Stone

Issue Number 82

December 1972

Turok and Andar come upon a water village on stilts in "Friend Or Foe." In part one, "Andar-Alone," they explore the huts but find no one there. They decide to stay there to rest because it is raining, but are attacked in the night by a water honker. Andar is knocked unconscious and Turok is abducted as he goes out to get water to revive him. The next morning, Andar searches for Turok, but is captured by another cave tribe. In part two, "Eyes In The Night," Andar convinces the cave men to let him join them because of his strong medicine, but he makes an enemy of the medicine man, who tries to kill him and steal his weapons. Now he must find out what happened to Turok and how to rejoin him.