Son of Stone

Issue Number 81

November 1972

Alberto Gioletti is once again absent from this issue. The story, "Cold Fear," is a tale about one of the rare times freezing weather comes to Lost Valley. In part one, "Strong Medicine," Turok and Andar try to reach a cliff wall that is separated by a large river. They try to get across with a raft, but are chased back to shore by vicious river honkers. The weather turns cold, then a group of cave men try to chase them away, but Turok tells them that they have made the sky gods angry and cold white powder will begin to fall. When it does begin to snow, all of the honkers begin to freeze in their tracks. In part two, "Danger Stirs," Turok and Andar find that the river is frozen over and decide to cross. The heads of all the river honkers stick out of the ice and create an eerie scene. Now they must determine whether these cliffs offer a way out of Lost Valley, or go back across the river before the honkers thaw out.