Son of Stone

Issue Number 62

July 1968

This issue's cover and subject matter are obviously influenced by the psychedelic movement of the era. The two-part story, "Terror Of The Dream," starts with "The Dangerous Temptation," where Turok and Andar encounter a band of cave people conducting a ceremony based on drug-induced visions. The leader of the group claims he can see the future, and Andar becomes intrigued with the notion that the visions may help them find a way out of Lost Valley. But, the berries that cause the visions are taboo and only to be used by certain members of the tribe, so, at night, Andar sneaks out of camp and goes to the berry patch to consume the berries. In part two, "Andar"s Nightmare World," Turok is held captive because of Andar's actions, but manages to escape. He is able to find Andar, but the young Indian is seeing monstrous hallucinations, and, to him, even Turok is a monster. Now Turok must save them, both from Andar's fiendish visions, and the tribe of primitives that wants them dead.