Son of Stone

Issue Number 58

July 1967

This is one of the more interesting and imaginative stories in the Turok series. "The Things From The Sky" are extra-terrestrials that befriend Turok and Andar, saving them one night from a Tyrannosaurus. In Part 1, "Strange Visitors," they see men and beasts alike fleeing from an unknown evil. They hear tales of strange beings that came from the sky. Turok and Andar decide to investigate, and soon find the alien craft. The space men turn out to be friendly, and along with the two indians defend themselves from viscious monsters and hostile cave men. In Part 2, "The Incredible Sight," the aliens offer to let one of the men ride in the damaged space ship on a test flight. Andar is the passenger as they fly over the cliffs of Lost Valley, and over his home land. He sees the camp of his tribe, which has been beyond their reach for so long. Then, they head back to pick up Turok. Leaving Lost Valley has never been so within their grasp.