Son of Stone

Issue Number 55

January 1967

The two-part adventure in this issue is called "Monsters of the Legend," and is about a tall-tale telling cave man who says he knows a way out of Lost Valley. Part 1, "Into the Cavern of Danger," has Turok and Andar being captured by hostile cave men, but their lives are spared when they save the tribe from a Tyrannosaurus. One of the cave men, named Mulg, tells them he found a hole deep inside the cavern, leading to a world where people that looked like Turok and Andar lived. The others tell them that Mulg is a habitual liar. Nevertheless, they follow him as he leads them into the cavern. Part 2, "Journey Without End," continues their trek into the mysterious and dangerous caverns. They begin to believe that this may really finally be their way out of Lost Valley.