Son of Stone

Issue Number 51

May 1966

Neither one of the two stories in this issue were drawn by Alberto Gioletti, and the artist appears to be the same one who drew the "Young Earth" features in the middle of the books. The first story is called "Captives Of The Beaver Men," which is depicted on the cover. Turok and Andar need to replenish their supply of poison arrows, but on their way to the berry patch they are captured by a tribe that live in a lake like beavers. To win their freedom they must rid the lake of a maurading, meat-eating brontosaurus... without poison arrows. Tale number two picks up where the first leaves off. It's titled "The Red Scourge" and in it we find Turok and Andar helping a riverside tribe overcome hordes of red colored piranhas. The huge schools of them create a red "wave".