Son of Stone

Issue Number 50

March 1966

The monster on the cover is from a two part story called "The Monster From The Past." In part one, "Return Of The Dead!" Turok and Andar discover an icy lake with a monstrous creature at the bottom. An earth quake hits, exposing the lake to sunlight and melting the ice. It seems the honker(which looks like a cross between an ankylosaur and a tyrannosaur) was only hibernating. Unable to defend themselves because they have no poison arrows, Turok and Andar take refuge in a cave. They discover that the creature lays eggs at the bottom of the lake, and, if they're not destroyed, Lost Valley will have more of these beasts. In part two, "Turok's Capture," they manage to get to the poison berry patch and arm themselves with poison arrows. They pump two of the new arrows into the monster with no effect. What will it take to bring down this leviathan, and can they find a way to destroy her eggs?