Son of Stone

Issue Number 47

September 1965

Turok and Andar decide to try to make a permanent home in Lost Valley in "Outcasts Of The Flood." Tired of avoiding the dangers in the savage land, they build a house high up in a tall tree, out of the reach of honkers and cave men. But soon, there comes a heavy rain, and with it, floods, and carried along by the raging water are groups of cave people. The Indian braves do what they can to save them, allowing them to occupy the lower branches, but soon too many people need sanctuary. The primitives take over the tree house, and cast Turok and Andar into the rushing torrent below. Then, in "Place Of No Return," the flood has subsided, and Turok and Andar make camp in a desolate area on the river bank. Here they are attacked by mud people, who seem to rise right out of the earth. In order to escape, they must cross a barren desert, without food or water.