Son of Stone

Issue Number 46

July 1965

Turok and Andar battle a legend come to life in "The Hidden Monster." While climbing a stone wall to see if it conceals an escape from Lost Valley, the Indians inadvertently allow an indestructible monster to threaten the land. The cave tribe who's ancestors built the wall tell them "The Legend Of Karalak," (part one) a gigantic honker with six arms and breath of fire. The wall, weakened when they tried to scale over it, is no longer strong enough to imprison the monster. Although the legend is an exaggeration, the honker is indeed larger than any they had encountered before, covered with hair, and impervious to their arrows. In part two, "The Indestructible Beast," the cave tribe vows to kill Turok and Andar unless they can destroy Karalak. But arrows, landslides and even fire fail to kill him. If Karalak doesn't kill them, the cavemen surely will.