Son of Stone

Issue Number 44

March 1965

A rock from the heavens creates an "Escape To Nowhere" in the cliff wall that keeps the outside world separated from Lost Valley. In the first part, "The End Of The World," the night sky is lit up by an intense meteor shower. As Turok and Andar watch, one of the larger meteors strikes the cliff wall, which causes a gap in the sheer rock, and a crater in front of the crack. They head for the opening, but are not the only ones attracted by the phenomenon. Many of the varied cave tribes in the valley gather at the crater edge, and declare the site sacred ground. In part two, "Counterfeit Freedom," Turok and Andar are captured and thrown into the pit as sacrifices, but manage to escape to the other side and go through the crack, finally escaping from Lost Valley! They are not the only ones who have found a way out of the valley, though, as they find honkers hunting in their ancestral homelands.