Son of Stone

Issue Number 43

January 1965

This issue's two-part story, "The Hidden Enemy," begins as Turok and Andar wake one morning to discover their bows and arrows stolen, finding themselves "Disarmed!" They search for the thief, and meet a tribe of lake dwellers who tell them of an unseen "enemy." Hearing voices coming from the ground below them, they search for an opening and descend into a subterranean world. There, they find the thieves who took their bows and arrows, and the strange creature they killed...a rabbit! In part two, "The Battle Below," Turok and Andar force the underground dwellers to give them back one of their bows and arrows, and also to show them the tunnel that the rabbit came from, for it obviously came from outside of Lost Valley. But the mole people have a treacherous plan; to drain the lake water into the tunnels so they can attack the lake people, and, at the same time, send Turok and Andar to a watery grave.