Son of Stone

Issue Number 38

March 1964

In "Frozen Fear," Lost Valley is surprised by a sudden snow storm. Turok and Andar take refuge in a cave, but a band of primitives drives them from the cave and claim it for themselves. Now, they wander out in the frozen elements without shelter or poison arrows to protect them. After the weather returns to normal, Turok and Andar encounter more danger in "The Stain Of The Savage Killers." Normally peaceful honkers start attacking, and they all have a peculiar red stain on their lips. Searching for the cause of the violent madness, Turok discovers that it's caused by the consumption of a red fruit. Before Turok can warn him, Andar eats some of the fruit, and the madness overtakes him. Andar becomes the hunter, and Turok, his prey!