Son of Stone

Issue Number 35

September 1963

Memory is not often reliable, but I think this is the first Turok comic I ever saw as a boy. I was five years old, and couldn't read, but the stories of dinosaurs thrilled me. In "Dream Of Escape", Andar collapses after drinking some tainted pond water, and, in a dream, relives their amazing adventure of wandering into Lost Valley. Later, when Turok goes off to find safe water, Andar wanders off into the night. He returns the next morning, and claims to have found a way out of the valley. Is it true, or just another dream from his delerium? Then, in "Pursuit", Turok and Andar's weapons are stolen while they sleep. They track the theif to a blistering desert, and find a group of cave people living under the sand. Captured, Turok is forced to show them how to use their weapons, unless he can find a way to escape.