Son of Stone

Issue Number 30

November 1962

With this issue the comic changes publishers, from Dell to Gold Key. Also, for the next few issues, the back cover is a presented as a pin-up page, a print of the front cover without the title. In the first story, "A Chance To Escape," Turok and Andar find what appears to be a crow's feather in the beak of a flying honker they shoot for dinner. Realizing this may be a clue to a way out of Lost Valley, they follow the flying honkers to their roost, but are prevented by a group of cave men who consider the pteranodons sacred. The second story, "Prey Of The Flesh Eaters," finds Turok, Andar and two warring tribes threatened by a newly formed volcano. They escape the rapidly advancing lava by rafting to an island, but they are not the only ones finding refuge on the island. Flesh eaters quickly kill all of the plant eaters on the island, and soon turn to the only prey left...humans.