Son of Stone

Issue Number 13

September-November 1958

Turok and Andar seek shelter from a violent storm, and persuade a tribe to allow them to stay with them in their cave. The next morning, however, they are accused of being "The Night Stealers," taking young men from the cave in the dead of night. They follow the trail left by the raiders, but it leads to a dead end at the shore of a lake. On the next night, Andar disappears, and Turok sets out to find him. He finds an island that seems to move around on the lake. On the island are Andar and the missing men being held as slaves. Andar escapes, and they form a plan to destroy the floating island and the terror of the Night Stealers. Then, in "The Perilous Pet," Andar hatches a long necked honker from an egg and takes it as a pet. The cave tribe tries to kill it, but Andar protects it from their spears. Then, he tries to ride it, and finds even more danger than the anger of the cave men.