Son of Stone

Issue Number 3

March-May 1956

TUROK Son Of Stone #3 was actually the first comic Turok had of his own. His first appearances were in FOUR COLOR COMICS #596 and #656. This issue's first story, "The Exiled Cave Men," find Turok and Andar in a section cut off from the rest of Lost Valley. They decide to rejoin the cave men they befriended in the last issue and journey back through the caverns that brought them there. Once they find the tribe, they decide to find them a safer home, where the giant "hoppers" cannot reach them. Building a boat, they find an island with cliffs rising straight out of the water. They go back to get the tribe and build enough boats to relocate the entire group. Then, in "Strange Waters," they leave their friends once again to explore more of the valley they are trapped in. Making an animal skin canoe, they paddle down river. The river flows into a cavern, and emerges into yet another sunken valley, with a lake inhabited by sea monsters. Following them in one of the transport boats is their friend Lanok. Now, they must save both themselves and their friend from the terrible creatures emerging from the deep waters to devour them.