Son of Stone

(Four Color Comics #656)

October 1955

After his debut inFOUR COLOR COMICS #596, it was nearly a year before Turok appeared again. His second appearance, in FOUR COLOR COMICS #656, was an attempt by DELL to see if Turok would be popular enough to deserve his own comic. Like the first book, this one is pure Turok from cover to cover, with no advertisements and only "A Pledge to Parents" on the inside front cover. Even the inside and outside back cover are part of the comic art. The first story is "The Mystery Of The Mountain," in which Turok and Andar are teaching their cavemen friends to use bows and arrows. At night, the man on sentry duty is attacked and disappears. Turok is determined to find out what is attacking the sentries and stop it. In the second story, "The Missing Hunters," the lost Indian braves meet a new tribe, whose hunters have all disappeared. Along with a young woman, they go off to hunt for the tribe, and unwittingly discover what happened to the men of the tribe.