Son of Stone

(Four Color Comics #596)

December 1954

Turok first appeared in an anthology comic called FOUR COLOR COMICSin issue #596. It was published by DELL in December of 1954. In their very first adventure, "The World Below," Turok and Andar are outside of Lost Valley hunting during a drought. They see a cloud rising from the plains, and realize that it's actually millions of bats flying out of a cave. They decide to enter the cave and look for water. When they finally emerge, they find themselves in a huge sunken valley with strange prehistoric creatures. In the second adventure, "The Terrible Ones," the two lost Indians see even more horrible monsters, and wonder how they can survive in such a savage place. Then, they find a tribe of primitive men, and while watching in hiding, they see them paralyze fish in a river using the roots of a strange plant. Taking some of the plants, they make a sticky paste out of the roots and create their first poison arrows. Now, armed more suitably in the brutal land, they befriend the cave tribe, and decide to teach them how to use bow and arrows.