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Captain Science

  Wood quickly became a master at the art of science fiction and horror. Here is an early cover from 1951 for CAPTAIN SCIENCE 4. Already, he is drawing beautiful women in sensual poses, as the woman threatened by the space monster in the background can verify.  

.. Eerie 4  


Wally was very prolific in the '50s. Aside from his most famous work for EC, he also did projects for Avon, Ziff-Davis and the Fox Feature Syndicate, among others. Here are two covers for Avon's EERIE comics from 1952.


Eerie 5





Horror and science fiction were not the only subjects that Wally lent his talents to. He is probably best remembered for his humorous work in MAD magazine. He was one of MAD's founding fathers, contributing work from issue #1, in 1952, and on up to 1964. Here is an example of some of his pre-MAD humor in PEDRO from 1950.   Pedro

corner Here are two covers from some of his most famous work, the science fiction comics from E.C. The cover on WEIRD SCIENCE 10 is from 1951. His work progressively becomes more refined, as you can see looking at the other cover from 1955.



In the mid-fifties, fear of what comic books could be doing to the youth of America resulted in a kind of witch hunt similar to the atmosphere of the McCarthy Era. Many comic book companies went out of business, including E.C. It was not a good time for anyone involved in the industry. The only publication to survive the E.C. demise was MAD in Magazine form. Wally did some of his best work for MAD, and no gallery would be complete without something from it's pages...   Mad: Julius Caesar  

SkyMasters ..

In 1958, Wood teamed up with Jack Kirby to produce a daily comic strip called SKYMASTERS OF THE SPACE FORCE. The union with Kirby proved fruitful, and they worked together again on CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN for D.C., and an unpublished strip called Surf Hunter, which was probably inspired by the T.V. show Sea Hunt.

  SkyMasters 1



.Beginning in 1964, Wood started working for Marvel comics.He worked on titles such as The Avengers, Captain America and Ironman, but his best known work for Marvel was for Daredevil. He redesigned the character's suit, and even wrote one issue.

  Daredevil 5 Daredevil 6 Daredevil 7 Daredevil 8 Daredevil 9 Daredevil 10 Daredevil 11


... ...



Wally worked for many companies in the sixties, spreading his talent over a wide variety of subject matter. He was instramental in starting one of the best remembered comic companies in the sixties, TOWER. Many of the characters in the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS were created by him. One character, William "Weed", seems to be a caracature of Wally Wood himself.

Thunder Agents 1 Dynamo 1
NoMan 2 Undersea Agent 6



For me, some of Woods very best work was done for WARREN magazines, in the titles CREEPY, EERIE, and VAMPIRELLA. After all, this was where I first really became aware of his art (tho' I had been exposed to it before). After seeing the story "THE CURSE" in VAMPIRELLA #9, I became a lifetime devotee of Wally Wood's wonderful work.


The following is a story from CREEPY #38


Cosmic All 1

Cosmic All 2 Cosmic All 3

Cosmic All 4

Cosmic All 5 Cosmic All 6


....1....2....3....4....5....6 ....



Although he was working for some of the biggest companies in the industry, Wood became disillusioned with the low status he and other creative people were given in the business. In order to get around the status quo, he began to self publish. It never became a big money making venture, but it allowed artists and writers to have creative control over their work, and to keep the copy rights to their creations. He published the first pro-zine patterned after fan-zines,WITZEND, as well as some adult oriented strips such as CANNONand SALLY FORTH.


Witzend 2

Heroes Inc



Wally never made enough money on his self publishing projects to pay the bills, so he had to go back to the majors. One of his last projects was THE WIZARD KING. In the end, his health had deteriorated and he had been taken advantage of by some of the biggest names in publishing. He took his own life on November 2, 1981. Today, not many remember his name, but to me he will always remain one of the greatest artists in the world.


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