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Wally Wood was one of my favorite comic artists as a boy. His smooth lines and classic style was something I tried to emmulate in my own drawings. I think, however, that what first attracted me to his work was the beautiful, sensuous women he drew. He really was a master of erotic drawings. It saddened me to hear of his death in 1981, and I remain a fan of his work to this day. On these pages I want to make a gallery of his art, mostly comic book covers and some of the less erotic drawings I've been able to get a hold of. That is a project I will have to put off for a while. Until then, I'll give you some links to Wally Wood related sites.
Wally Wood
WALLY WOOD SKETCHBOOK: This is the place to get your very own copy of The Wally Wood Sketchbook, with lots of great art by Woody and articles by those who knew him.
THE WALLY WOOD LETTERS: This is a wonderful page from a guy who did corrospondence with Wally Wood. Lots of artwork to see.
EC HOME PAGE: The Wally Wood page is not up at this time.
THE WALLACE WOOD SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Here's our chance to honor the memory of Wally Wood by contributing to this Scholarship Fund set up in his name.
COLLECT MAD: Here is a photo gallery of the people contributing to MAD magazine through the years, including Wood.
BUD PLANT'S WOOD BIO: Plenty of images and other artists on this site.
WALLY WOOD TRIBUTE PAGE: Here's another site devoted to Woody, with some of his artwork included.