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Here is a list of websites that I have found on the internet of special interest to me. The main purpose of this page is for me to keep track of sites I like to go to often. I hope that someone else may find these sites as interesting and useful as I do. Some of these sites are no longer being updated, so the links on them may be out of date.



Mtcards Free service to send your own postcards.
Atomz Free search engine for your home page.
MapQuest Maps to almost anyplace!
MailBits Trivia, jokes and other free stuff.
Self Great source for information and search engine submission.
HostSearch A place to shop and compare host sites.
SubmitWolf PRO - Why pay a submission service to promote your web site? SubmitWolf PRO - Why pay a submission service to promote your web site?



The Internet Movie Database Loads of information on actors and films both on TV and the movies. Try the search engine.
The Prisoner Episode Guide Patrick McGoohan stars in a surrealistic spy series.



WebTrips Entertainment Network Fun Flash animations. May not be for younger audiences.
HotWired! Hotwired Magazine's site has movies and animations as well as other information.




The Real Time Weather Network Weather information with live camera updates.
IRS - The Digital Daily The IRS official homepage.
Kelley Blue Book Find out how much your car is worth.

House of Representatives
US Senate

Tell your representatives in Washington what you think of them.
Myrmecology - The Science about Ants Ants are interesting critters. Here's a site packed with information about them.



3D Artist Magazine Loads of great 3D stuff.
POV-Ray - the Persistence of Vision Raytracer Free program for rendering 3D graphics. An art gallery is also included.
Ray Dream Designer Forum Site for the program Ray Dream Studio.



fuelfonts type foundry - the archive Site with fonts for sale, also has a section of free fonts.
Fonthead Design! Home of Fonthead Design. Free fonts for download.
ITC TypeTalk This site has links to other font sites you may find interesting.
Comicraft The best comic book fonts in the world.
Fonts Created by A.J. Palmer Free for downloading
Letraset The home site for Fontek fonts. Free monthly download.
Fonthead Design Fonthead design has some hip fonts and free fonts to download.
ITC TypeTalk This page has links to other font-related websites.


Comics Directory comics related news, books and web resources.
The Dave Stevens Home Page A beautiful website with artwork by the wonderful Dave Sevens.
TRH Gallery Original Comic Art for sale. Some of it can get quite expensive.
The Art of Steranko Another of Comicdom's legends. Another big comics related site.
iCOMICS the online guide to comic art and storytelling
Lemon Custard Comics Take a look at the original cartoons on this page.
Charley Parker's virtual comic book - ARGON ZARK! Cool online comic with regular updates.
Action Planet Comics! This site has some nice comic art on it if you check out the galleries.


Batman: DOOM2 Total Conversion You can download a total conversion wad with the characters from Batman here.
Memento Mori Download Memento Mori.
Hellmaker - The Macintosh DOOM editor! The Doom wad creator for the Macintosh. Made all my levels with this program!
World O' Hurtz Doom wads, FAQs and links to more sites.
FTP Doom Levels Download all the Doom wads you can here.