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I grew up on Turok. I have the first 24 issues of the original Dell series for sale Looking for Dell's King of the Royal Mounted, from the same time period.
Brian Burhoe <>
Lockeport, Nova Scotia Canada - Sat Aug 3 10:52:05 2002
cool site. really cool. i'm looking for a wallace comic called 'the king of the world' - doeas anybody know it... the till
the till <>
sweden - Sun Jul 28 13:21:13 2002
Thanx for the site. Turok is a great character. I loved the Valiant and Acclaim versions. It IS true that many people don't know Wally Wood, sadly. Truly a giant in the field with a very tragic life. Thanks for all the great stories Woody !
Mark Brodersen <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Fri Jul 19 21:55:10 2002
hey I was wondering if you would be interested in reading the screenplay for Turok son of stone. Paramount studio is currently looking through it and maybe interested in making the movie. Even though the script is protected by the writers gild I will only tell you a little bit about it. In hopes you will contact me so I can send you a copy of the script. I would like to hear what you think of it. Its based in 1872 a time when tention between the kiowas and the US calvary were at its worst. the story features turok and andar as the main characters. the script also has the latest in dino research with alot of historical facts on the time period. I've spent two years developing the plot and made some changes to the original story to make it interesting to more people. Nothing bad just a few touches to make it more original. I made sure that I kept what made turok such an interesting comic, which is indians and dinosaurs. Please contact me I really want you to read it. Thank you for your time James Graham
jamesmattewgraham <>
knoxville, TN USA - Thu Jul 4 22:36:06 2002
Very cool site! A trip down memory lane I hope to visit over and over. Thanks.
Mark <>
BLACKWOOD, NJ USA - Tue May 21 10:48:57 2002
I read Turok as a kid in the 60s. My father started buying them in the 50s, starting with # 5, which I still have. I have been filling my collection from ebay. They will be passed down to my son. The best comic ever. Thank you
David Grant <>
Rapid City, SD USA - Fri May 17 20:14:43 2002
Hey GREAT Site!!! Love the cartoons.
Charlene Hirst <>
CA USA - Thu May 16 15:47:37 2002
Great website! I recently had an article published in Monster Memories 2002 Yearbook from Scary Monsters Magazine. I talked about Wally Wood, who I consider one of the greatest artists ever, in or out of comic books. I already have Dennis Druktenis' (editor of Scary Monsters) permission to do a part two article. I did not mention Turok Son of Stone comics! I learned to read by looking at Turok comics in the very early sixties! My desire to know what Turok and Andar were saying led me to decipher every word. I also believe I picked up some open minded and tolerant opinions by reading Turok. After all not only were the heroes Native Americans, they were very high tech compared with the cave people of Lost Valley!! I honestly did not think anyone else remembered Turok comics except me! Thanks for a great website!!
Sam Moffitt <>
St. Petersburg, Florida USA - Fri May 10 1:49:36 2002
I think I've fixed the guest book so that it will accept submissions now. It's been down for quite a while.
Neil (webmaster)
USA - Wed Mar 20 16:39:16 2002

I recently found out my mom's cousin was an artist. He drew for MAD, did some of the Dare Devil, and much, much more. Even though I only remember him as my mom's funny drunk cousin at the family reunions, I am coming to find he was more than that - he was Wally Wood. I wish I had known hiim better while he was still with us, but thank God he left me so much to discover. Thank you for helping to keep his name and art alive. Andrew Rath
Andrew Rath <>
San Francisco, CA USA - Sunday, February 04, 2001 at 10:57 PM (EST)

Great website, Turok: Son of Stone is an incredible book. Alberto Giolitti Turok artwork collector. Please contact me if you would like to sell.
Mike <>
L.A, Ca USA - Thursday, November 30, 2000 at 03:32 AM (EST)

W.Wood a master, a prince, a genius. may he rest forever in peace.
Versailles, Yvelines France - Monday, October 02, 2000 at 12:06 PM (EDT)

Just started collecting currently have appox. 25 issues. Interested in any info reguarding Turok comic books, artwork or any other interesting info reguarding the series. Feel free to e-mail at the above address. Thanks!
Norman H. Freiert Jr. <>
Buffalo, New York USA - Thursday, June 29, 2000 at 07:36 PM (EDT)

I read Turok, Son of Stone as a kid during the 60's and 70's. It was one of my favorite comicbooks. I still have several issues in my comicbook collection. I hope someone makes a Turok,Son of Stone movie or television series. Long Live "TUROK,Son of Stone".
Craig Balcomb <>
Loveland, OH USA - Saturday, May 20, 2000 at 03:11 PM (EDT)

Wally Wood's influence is inherent in the realm of comic art and story illustration. A legacy of classic and classy stylization.
SR Stewart <>
Reno, NV USA - Wednesday, May 10, 2000 at 03:28 PM (EDT)

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