This is a record of past updates and where you can find the latest additions to the site. Updates are infrequent, even with my best intentions of adding new content as often as possible. I still hope to split this site into two separate identities, one with comic book content and the other devoted to dinosaurs.
August 8/10/2002:

Added the "Von Sholly Turoks" gallery to the sight. Updated the DINOSAUR OF THE MONTH(Ornithomimus).

April 4/12/2002:

Updated the DINOSAUR OF THE WEEK(Ankylosaurus).

April 4/7/2002:

Added more cards to the POST CARD page.

January 1/11/2002:

Added new BOOKSTORE, listing books, movies and toys that relate to dinosaurs.

January 1/1/2002:

Put the flash animation back on the intro page. Added a new POST CARD FEATURE with Birthday cards, dinosaurs or Turok covers.

November 11/7/2000:

Updated the DINOSAUR OF THE WEEK(Homalocephale). Added new gallery to the site: DINOSAURS. Put up episode 7 of "Belo Zero."

July 7/6/2000:

Updated the DINOSAUR OF THE WEEK(Tyrannosaurus). Put up episode 6 of "Belo Zero." Added more artwork to the Gallery page.

June 6/21/2000:

Updated the DINOSAUR OF THE WEEK(Stegosaurus). Put up episode 5 of "Belo Zero."

May 5/30/2000:

Updated the DINOSAUR OF THE WEEK(Apatosaurus). Put up episode 4 of "Belo Zero."

May 5/20/2000:

Fnished the TUROK catalog. Put up episode 3 of "Belo Zero." Updated the DINOSAUR OF THE WEEK (Edmontosaurus).

May 5/12/2000:

Updated the DINOSAUR OF THE WEEK(Dimetrodon). Fixed the interface on some of the "plain" pages. Put up episode 2 of "Belo Zero."

May 5/5/2000:

Major overhaul of the site interface. Added new features and pages: Search engine, Links page, Update page, a new comic "Belo Zero," a site map and a Guest Book.

April 4/5/2000:

Updated the DINOSAUR OF THE WEEK(Deinonychus), and changed the splash page to make it more interesting.

March 3/23/2000:

Added the DINOSAUR OF THE WEEK page. First dinosaur: Triceratops.

January 1/10/2000:

First update of the new year. Changed splash page to allow visitors a choice between Flash, frames or plain web pages.