Dinosaurs have fascinated me since before I can remember, and that goes way back, considering how old I am. Over the years, theories have changed, discoveries have been made, and Hollywood has given them a makeover. Dinosaurs that were once cold blooded reptiles have become vital, hot blooded beasts, and much more dramatic than the plodding behemouths of my youth. Somehow, in my mind, I must have always known this to be true. How could creatures with such sluggish demeanor have captured my imagination so completely? How could they have dominated the earth for hundreds of millions of years? Rather than being the evolutionary failure most people view them as, they are, on the contrary, one of the most successful forms of life to have come along. Their decendents live among us today: birds.

Here are some links to what I think are some of the more interesting dinosaur sites:

DINOSAUR ILLUSTRATIONS: There's lots of links to sites with old and new images of dinosaurs here.
DINOSAUR PICTURE GALLERY: Here is another site with lots of pictures on it. It's part of a larger site called DINOSAURIA ON-LINE.
SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE: This link is to the paleontology page of the Smithsonian Institute. There's lots of stuff here, kiddies!
DREAMSTAR PRODUCTIONS: These guys sell art and sculptures of dinosaurs and dragons... kind of expensive, but nice to look at.
THE PREHISTORIC TIMES: Here is the web page to one of my favorite dinosaur magazines. There's more cool images and information here.
DEINOSAURS: This site has a list of all of the known genus and species of dinosaurs. There's no pictures, but there is a very long list.