Undoubtedly the most famous of all dinosaurs TYRANNOSAURUS was one of the largest predators that ever walked the earth. This immense carnosaur had a mouth full of sharp teeth, serrated on one edge like a saw blade. Its huge jaws could rend flesh and crush bones to satisfy a hunger needed to support its large size. Its fore limbs were small in comparison to the proportions of its body, about the size of a man's arms. At the end were two fingered hands bearing sharp claws. The function of these arms is unclear, but larger limbs seem to have been unnecessary, as evidenced by this creature's success. Tyrannosaurus evolved at the end of the age of dinosaurs, finally meeting oblivion in the last great mass extinction that claimed all of the dinosaurs.

ORDER Saurischia
SUBORDER Theropoda
FAMILY Tyrannosauridae
DIET Carnivorous
SIZE 40 feet long, 6 tons
PERIOD Late Cretaceous
RANGE Western North America


Copyright 2000 Neil Riehle