EDMONTOSAURUS was one of the biggest of the "duck-billed" dinosaurs. Living in vast heards, these giants probably migrated across the North American continent with the change of seasons, much as animals like the wildebeast does today. Unlike many other hadrosaurs, Edmontosaurus did not have a head crest. It's believed they may have had an inflatable nasal sack with which to make noise (the bony crest on other hadrosaurs are thought to have had that function also). The tip of the mouths of hadrosaurs ended in a beak used to crop vegetation for food. Inside the mouth were rows of teeth used to grind the vegetable matter into a pulp for ingestion. These dinosaurs disappeared in the final great extinction that ended the reign of the dinosaurs.

ORDER Ornithischia
SUBORDER Ornithopoda
FAMILY Hadrosauridae
DIET Herbivorous
SIZE 43 feet long, 4 tons
PERIOD Late Cretaceous
RANGE North America


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