One of the best known prehistoric animals,DIMETRODON was not a dinosaur, but a pelycosaur , and lived millions of years before the dinosaurs appeared in the Permian Periodwhich was during the Paleozoic Era. Its legs were sprawled at its sides like a lizard, not underneath the body like the dinosaurs. On its back was a large sail supported by long spines growing from the vertebrae. A large carnivore, it was probably at the top of the food chain during its life on the young earth. It had large, strong jaws with two types of teeth (Dimetrodon means "two-measures tooth"), and was probably more closely related to mammals than to the dinosaurs.

ORDER Pelycosauria
DIET Carnivorous
SIZE 6-11 feet long, 500 lbs.
PERIOD Paleozoic Era, Permian Period
RANGE North America


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