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Here we are with another infrequent update. This time I am pleased to present a gallery of Turok covers created by Pete Von Sholly. They're top notch, so check them out. I've also decided to change the Dinosaur of the Week page to a Monthly page. It may be more realistic for me to get a Dinosaur drawing done once a month rather than aim for every week. My main hold up is doing the coloring, as that takes up most of the time. As always, if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to email me.


PSYCHOSAURUS is a site with collected information to be shared with those who have similar interests. The information contained here is free to all. While I attempt to make regular updates to certain segments of these pages, keeping a web site up-to-date is time consuming and there can be substantial periods of time between updates. Plans for the future include expanding this site with new comics and galleries. I hope you find this site useful, informative and entertaining. Feel free to sign my guest book and send me an Email if you see something here that you like or needs improvement.

Here are some of the specific subjects covered on this site:



Since I was very young, I've always been fascinated with dinosaurs. Today there are more known species than ever, and with the release of movies like JURASSIC PARK, interest has never been higher. To those of you with that interest, I offer you my graphic interpretation of these extinct creatures. I don't pretend to be a paleontologist, so I admit my drawings are not completely anatomically accurate. Perhaps with time I'll more successfully capture their true form.


Before there were dinosaur hunters, before there were video games or Jurassic Park, Turok and Andar were searching for a way out of dinosaur infested Lost Valley. Here is a cover gallery of every issue of the comic book TUROK, SON OF STONE, from 1954 to 1980, with a short description of what's in each issue.


While Wally died back in 1981, his work and legacy live on. A pioneer in the modern comic book industry, he was a fan favorite during the glory days of EC comics. He contributed to their science fiction, horror, humor, crime, and many other titles.He created many memorable characters, including T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, a classic series that competed with the giants of Marvel and D.C. comics. Compiled here is a small collection of his work.


Not art in the classic sense, but MY art. I had hoped to become a comic book artist in my youth, but my many interests scattered my concentration and I never quite made it. Happily, I did get involved in the graphics industry, and I want to share some of my work with anyone willing to look.


While other games such as QUAKE and UNREAL have come along to usurp DOOM, none have quite caught the imagination and excitement created by its release. There used to be scores of web sites dedicated to DOOM, now you're lucky if you can find any. I still find the game exciting and fun. Here are some episodes that I created myself that I hope some of you will find just as exciting.

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