I've always been interested in comic books, sometimes very interested. I went through most of my school years training to be a comic book artist. If you told me then what I'd be doing now I'd never have believed you. When I started this site, I had planned to include regularly updated comic strips. I have a bunch of story ideas and characters to build with, but I didn't realize how much time it would take just to keep up the site itself. Hopefully, when I'm done tweeking the HTML, I'll have time to work on those stories. That's going to be the closest I'll ever get to publishing comic books.

Until I have some new work to put up on this page, all I have to offer is my comic strip "BELO ZERO" and my comic book "SHELTER". I also have some cartoons and drawings from the past that I can put here, so I'll include them in the GALLERY. Otherwise, I think this web page is quite comic oriented, with the TUROK gallery and the WALLY WOOD pages. Keep checking back, and one day I'll have something new for you to check out.