Through the years I've read many books on dinosaurs, both in fiction and non-fiction. On this page I plan to introduce you to some of those books, as well as movies and toys, and give you a chance to check them out for yourself. Additionally, You will be able to purchase some of these books, videos and toys right from this page with the help of AMAZON.COM.




The Enormous Egg
by Oliver Butterworth, Louise Darling (Illustrator)

One of my favorite books as a kid. Nate Twitchell's hen lays an incredibly large egg one night, and instead of making a family-sized omelet, he waits for it to hatch. When it does, to everyone's surprise, Nate is the proud owner of a baby Triceratops! But Nate has no experience raising dinosaurs, and soon finds that owning one can lead to all sorts of problems. Wonderfully illustrated by Louise Darling.

Dinotopia : A Land Apart from Time
by James Gurney

Beautifully illustrated by James Gurney, one of the best dinosaur artists of all time. This is a sort of Gulliver's Travels story set in a land where humans and dinosaurs co-exist in a symbiotic society. The great dinosaur art alone is worth the price of admission. The first of many books about this imaginary land.



How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?
by Jane Yolen, Mark Teague (Illustrator)

This is a bed-time book for small children. Nothing substantive on dinosaurs here, but the illustrations are lush and colorful. As with anyting to do with dinosaurs, I couldn't pass this one up.

The Lost World
by Arthur Conan, Sir Doyle

From the author who created Sherlock Holmes, "The Lost World" is the grand daddy of all dinosaur fiction. Professor George E. Challenger discovers and attempt s to conquer a land untouched by time. On a forbidding plateau shut off from the rest of the world by the savage amazon jungle, he and his team encounter dinosaurs and primitive beast-men. Written in 1912 as a series for a magazine, it's still a great read today.



Jurassic Park
by Michael Crichton

This is the one that broke open the gates of Dino-mania. With the success of the Steven Speilberg movie and the inevitable sequels, we could finally see what dinosaurs were supposed to look like. The images brought to film are incredible. But if the story seemed a little empty, try reading the book. Much more interesting and meaty than the movie, Michael Crichton is a great author who's books are a pleasure to read... especially this one.



The Dinosaur Heresies
by Robert T. Bakker

The more modern theories of dinosaur evolution and extinction are covered here, including the case for warm-bloodedness and the rise of birds. Lots of black and white drawings and diagrams help to explain his theories and embellish his evidence as he re-examines old ideas and presents new ones.

by Dr. Norman David

Based on the A&E television series of the same name hosted by Walter Cronkite. This book covers the history of the study of dinosaurs, from the first fossils found and the great fossil hunts, to more recent discoveries and theories. Some good information here and very nice illustrations.



The Science of Jurassic Park and the Lost World
by Rob Desalle, David Lindley

Is it really possible to bring back dinosaurs as they did in "Jurassic Park," and if so how would one go about doing it. This book investigates these questions and explores what science is capable in today's world.

Walking with Dinosaurs: A Natural History
by Tim Haines

With images taken directly from the TV show "Walking With Dinosaurs," this book is nicely illustrated and offers the same information about dinosaurs as the show. The computer graphics and puppets used in the production make the art in this book look more like nature photography than most other books on the subject.




The New Dinosaurs
by William Stout

Known for his work in underground comics, William Stout offers us his vision of the world of the dinosaurs with this wonderful book. This volume expands and updates his previous book "The Dinosaurs" (now out of print). His Art Nouveau style is an interesting and welcome departure from the styles of most of today's dinosaur artists.

Dinosaurs! The Biggest, Baddest, Strangest, Fastest
by Howard Zimmerman, George Olshevsky

This book was written for kids, but the wonderful illustrations make it one that eveyone will enjoy. It's an over-sized book with over 75 full color illustrations depicting how many dinosaurs may have looked in the flesh.



Age of Reptiles : Tribal Warfare
by Ricardo Delgado

One of my other great interests is comic books, and here is a comic book about dinosaurs. Wonderful illustrations and stories without dialog. This is a "graphic novel" which is a collection of several individual comic issues sold as one volume.



Walking with Dinosaurs

The dinosaurs on this DVD rival those in the Jurassic Park movies. Covering all three eras in which the dinosaurs evolved, ruled and ultimately met final extinction, the studies of dinosaurs here are based on scientific evidence and conjecture. Filmed in a wildlife documentary style, this is the best educational video on dinosaurs to date. Included with the DVD is an additional disc; The Making of Walking with Dinosaurs. If you haven't seen this one, make sure you do.

Allosaurus - A Walking With Dinosaurs Special

As a sequal to Walking With Dinosaurs, the BBC offers this half-hour video with the same wildlife documentary flavor. The story this time follows the life of a single Allosaurus, based on the most complete fossil skeleton of one of the beasts ever found. Creative guessing provides us with possible explanations for the numerous broken bones and growths on the actual skeleton. A wonderful follow-up to Walking With Dinosaurs for those of us who couldn't get enough.



Jurassic Park
Universal Pictures

Steven Speilberg and Michael Crichton brought us the ultimate dinosaur experience in 1993 with Jurassic Park. Rather than traveling back through time or to a lost jungle cut off from the rest of the world, we are transported to a theme park that breeds genetically-engineered dinosaurs cloned from cells found in mosquitoes preserved in amber. If you're into dinosaurs, you've undoubtably seen this one, and probably the sequels.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park III
Jurassic Park Trilogy

When Dinosaurs Roamed America
Discovery Channel

This is another DVD in the flavor of "Walking With Dinosaurs" with narration provided by John Goodman. While the CGI in this production is not as polished as the previously mentioned "Walking," it still is an entertaining and informative look into what the lives of living dinosaurs may have been like.




The Walt Disney Company decided to catch the wave of dinosaur mania and created this animated feature using state-of-the-art computer graphics. Made for children, my problems with the film are the talking dinosaurs and mixing together of animals from different times. I felt the simple story could have been told relatively easily without dialog.



The Tiny Perfect Dinosaur
by John Acorn, Dale Russell, Ely Kish, Jennifer Glossup

Part of the fascination with dinosaurs has to be the element of putting together a puzzle using their fossilized bones. This package includes a plastic dinosaur egg with a scientifically accurate skeleton to assemble inside and a small booklet that gives a few facts about the featured dinosaur. I've almost got the whole set.

Vol. One: Leptoceratops
Vol. Two: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Vol. Three: Brachiosaurus
Vol. Four: Stegosaurus
Vol. Five: Triceratops
Vol. Six : Velociraptor
Vol. Seven: Hypacrosaurus

Tyrannosaurus Tooth Replica with Stand
by Skullduggery

A plastic replica of a Tyrannosaurus tooth is what every dinosaur fanatic should have. Covered with wonderful detail, including it's knife-like serrations, this tooth is an exact replica from the jaws of the most ferocious animal to ever walk the Earth. The original is on display at the Museum of Geology in South Dakota.



Utahraptor Claw Replica with Stand
by Skullduggery

Another terrific fossil replica,this amazing weapon of the Cretaceous period was used by one of the most vicious dinosaurs evern known. The original Utahraptor Claw, from which this replica was molded, is housed at the
College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum.

Saber Tooth Cat Skull Replica
by Skullduggery

So, it's not a dinosaur, but it sure is cool. This skull is
an exact replica measuring 13" long, 8" wide and 12" high, and includes an oak base for mounting in the "attack" position. The original skull is part of the collection at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.



Carnegie Mountain Display
by Safari

The Carnegie Collection is one of the most acurrate toy reproductions of dinosaurs I've ever seen. I've bought a lot of these plastic figures, but this set looks like the way to go (some of these sell for $25 or more individually). Every piece in the series is crafted in durable polyvinyl and is set on one of three massive scales; 1:10, 1:15, 1:40 and comes complete with an educational hang tag detailing the behaviors and ecology of the species.

by Safari

This is the Carnegie Collection's replica of the Brachiosaurus. Hand painted, this museum quality replica is 22" tall making it a 1: 40 scale size.



by Safari

The terrible and ferocious Tyrannosaurus, hand painted and realistic looking. This replica is 10" long making it 1: 40 scale size.

by Safari

One of the longest dinosaurs ever to have lived, this replica of Diplodocus is 24" long making it 1: 40 scale size. Hand painted, each model has been crafted with exacting attention by paleontologists at the Carnegie Museum of Natural history in Pittsburgh, Pa., using the most recent discoveries and findings to ensure accuracy.


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